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Carrier bags provide an easy and effective way to promote your company. Have your logo, company name and/or you website address printed on a carrier bag and wherever your bag goes it will be recognized and your company advertised for. You could choose from the following types of carriers: Patch handle carrier bags, Varigauge, Flexiloop, Twin Clip (Clip Close), Vest type, Duffle and Counter bags (also known as Butcher bags). To find more information about this bags and to make sure you choose the one that is right for your business see:

Eco friendly alternatives

Although thought to be a form of packaging that is bad for the environment, polythene carrier bags are actually a very efficient type of packaging, with the ability to be recycled and a very low carbon footprint they are a great choice. The following sites specialise in eco-friendly packaging:

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Printed Carrier Bags

Alternative packaging

There are many types of packaging all for specific uses. To obtain information about other types of polythene bags or polythene film, visit:

Research and resources

For more detailed information on printed carrier bags, including how they are manufactured and the different types of printed carriers available, please see:

Printed carrier bags news

Polythene's story: The accidental birth of carrier bags

When German scientist, Hans von Pechmann, found a waxy residue at the bottom of his test tube he had no idea that the substance was an early form of what it is now used to produce plastic carriers, shopping bags, wrapping film and many other types of plastic packaging. He had, completely by accident, made polythene, one of the world's most widely used and controversial materials!

CBC praises Scottish carrier bag campaign

The campaign designed to remind people to reuse carrier bags rather than take new ones from the checkout is giving good results. CBC spokesman Peter Woodall said around 80% of people already reuse their carrier bags and that he hoped the campaign would "help convince the remaining 20%".

Merry Widows targets outdoor market with wine carrier

Merry Widows wines available in a 250ml, 500ml and 750ml bottles is available in the UK since June. The carrier is made and printed by a company in London, from a single piece of folded 350gsm Frovi Carry board. It sits over the shoulders of two 250ml wine bottles and enables consumers to put their fingers between the bottles to grip them securely. It does not obscure the bottle labels, removing the need to duplicate information on outer packaging.

Bags that generate exposure

Printed carrier bags are an ideal way to generate exposure around an event or to build brand loyalty among staff and customers.

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